Project Description

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive tool that allows our doctor to look within an organ or body cavity and gain diagnostic information, which includes grossly evaluating an area of interest and obtaining tissue samples for histopathologic evaluation.

While gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy represents the most common use in veterinary medicine, endoscopes can be utilized to investigate multiple body systems. Additionally, we use our endoscope to avoid the need for foreign body surgery in certain situations. This allows a quicker and safer overall procedure time, faster recovery, and zero rehabilitation time after the procedure.

Check out the multiple uses for endoscopy that we provide at Summit Veterinary Hospital!

Flexible endoscopy:

  • Tracheoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Nasopharyngoscopy
  • Esophagoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Foreign body retrieval
  • Colonoscopy

Rigid Endoscopy:

  • Female urethrocystoscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Otoscopy
  • Rhinoscopy
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