Project Description

At Summit Veterinary Hospital, we believe that prevention is the best medicine! We provide a comprehensive approach to managing the health and longevity of your pets by offering vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, external parasite prevention, intestinal parasite screening and prevention, and routine bloodwork. Because not all animals are the same, we offer multiple wellness plans to address the needs of our young, adult, and geriatric patients and their individual needs.

Vaccines not only provide important protection against serious infectious, and potentially zoonotic diseases, but they also provide protection to other animals and humans in the community. We offer a wide variety of immunizations, both core and non-core. We are also able to evaluate your pet’s current antibody titers to determine their level of protection against specific diseases.

Routine preventive care consultations are key in keeping your pets protected and tracking their overall health. At Summit Veterinary Hospital, we recommend annual visits for pets up to 7 years of age and semi-annual visits for geriatric pets over 7 years of age.

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